• Sharon Jensen

What does your closet say about you?

Stop looking in your closet and getting depressed!




I will be offering another Adult Education Class that will begin in January 2019 and run for 5 weeks.

Are you tired of looking in your closet, not knowing what to wear?

When we get dressed in the morning we are sending a message out to the world about who we are as a person.

Week 1 - Closet Cleanup 

Week 2 - Dress the Body you have

Week 3 - Create a Personal Style

Week 4 - Wardrobe Capsules

Week 5 - Shopping Event

Your physical appearance can impact the way you feel about yourself and how others perceive you. 

This class will help you develop a personalized skin care and makeup routine, create outfits that are figure flattering, receive tips to de-clutter your closet and experience a group shopping event in the final week to incorporate each element learned in the first four weeks.

5 weeks, Tuesdays, begins Jan 2019       $75        6-8 PM         GHHMS (Derry NH)

SAVE $10 if you sign up before date TBD.

You would need to make the payment in advance to the Derry Adult Education Program. (link)

I look forward to helping you discover a wardrobe that incorporates your personality and lifestyle..

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