• Sharon Jensen

Wardrobe Mistakes We All Make

Over the years, I have struggled to create a wardrobe that enhanced my body shape and incorporated my personality.

I wonder if you have done some of the same things:

Shop a "Bargain" or "Sale"

In the past, I would always look for a sale or bargain and fall victim to purchasing an item(s) that I never wore again outside of the dressing room. In many cases the tags are still on months or even years later in my closet. It was all about the price.

Today I ask myself the following questions:

1. Is the item(s) a flattering color on me?

2, Is it something I need to complete or does with other items in my wardrobe?

3. Does it flatter my body shape? Make me look taller, thinner, etc.

If it doesn't meet one or all of these criteria, I may not purchase it or tag it for a future purchase when it went on sale.

Shopping "Last Minute"

You have an event coming up, but wait till the last minute to put together your outfit. You may be able to pull something out of your closet only to find out that it is too big/small.

You really need to PLAN ahead so that you have something that is flattering and will keep you warm if it is for a Fall or Winter event.

If you have to go shopping a week before you are surly going to struggle to find that perfect outfit. You will spend more money $$ than you wanted to spend, because you were in a rush or panic to get something.

Clothing that "Doesn't Fit Properly"

I am 5'4" which is right between wearing the petite and regular women sizes. So in many cases I need to have things tailored to fit properly. With that said, at times you can purchase things that are way to big or small and may not be worth it to get altered.

For example: Suits - I recently purchased a 3 piece suit in one size at a consignment store for $10.00. The top and jacket size fit, however the pants were 3 sizes too big. It cost me $28.00 to have the pants taken in. This suit was a Kasper suit worth $200 that I purchase for $38.00. So sometimes you can find a good deal, but you need to know when it is or isn't a good deal.

Some of us do not make the time to take to the tailors and that would be a waste of money.

Checking out the "Rear View"

I can't say this enough, every woman should own a full length mirror. You can purchase one that can be hung over the door or free standing. You need to be able to look at yourself and your outfit from the front & back PRIOR to going out in public.

1. Is your underwear showing?

2. Is the article of clothing too short? So that you are exposing something?

Wearing the "Wrong Under Garments"

Your under garments can make or break an outfit as well.

1. You want to ensure that you panties lines are not showing.

2. Your chest should not bulge out of your bra or wear a shirt that is low cut.

It is always a good idea to be professionally fitted for a bra. You can appear 10 pound thinner just be wearing the right under garments.

Showing "Too Much Skin"

As women, we can go a little overboard and let too much skin show. There is something to be said about making them wonder what you look like with out clothes on.

You can look sexy without showing too much. You want to focus on ONE body feature.

Avoid being "Too Trendy"

You may feel that you can't wear a trendy item, because of your age. That is not always the case. I would agree that you may not be able to wear the current trends the same way as when you were in your 20's if you are now in your 50's.

You may just need to pair it down a bit.

There are a few of the most common fashion mistakes that women can and have made.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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