• Sharon Jensen

Skin Care for the Busy Women

This may surprise you to know that I have not always had a good skin care or makeup routine. Growing up my mother didn't have a skin or makeup routine to pass down either, so I was forced to learn how to care for my skin and apply makeup through friends, You-Tube and other sources.

I grew up, got married and continued to struggle with creating a routine in my 20's and well into my 40's. I was trying to keep a house, work a full time job, and had a child that demanded most of my attention. During that time, like most women, I was known as my "child's Mom" or my "husband's Wife". You had no identity of my own.

I was able to create a skin care and makeup routine that works for me, and I am sure you can find your ideal routine as well.

Keeping your youthful skin it ALL starts with a good skin care routine. To give you a starting point Download quiz to identify your skins needs.

Once you know your skin type check out some suggestions below. Click on the photo to purchase a collection.

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