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Runway Looks ~ 2019

Celebrating Spring Runway Looks.......

with a Run-Way Pricing!

Looking for a runway to "real way" idea? There's no need for a ton of color. Tip your toe in the water with a small touch of color by your lash line but make it bold, and then finish off with one coat of mascara, very little foundation, a touch of Underglow, and lip gloss. Or go-for-bold with the occasional bold lip for drama. Makeup trends this spring are focused on clean, ethereal beauty punctuated by just a single dramatic element. Could be colorful eye shadow or red lips.

Spring pops of eye color can be achieved with Chroma Soft Eye Pencil from Color Me Beautiful.

Bold, matte lip color is a stroke away with Color Me Beautiful Lip Pencils:

Spring Essential for all ages. . .

Spring is the natural time to pick up the pace. Warming temperatures and longer days give us lots of motivation to get going. This is the time to add highly effective, multi-purpose products into your regime.

One such product is One Step Makeup Remover: cleanser, toner and makeup remover in one easy product. This is a gym bag necessity which is great for touch ups and makeup removal. It also provides an extra dose of vitamins for tissue repair, UV protection, moisturization, and conditioning.

Regardless of your age, today is the day to develop your anti-aging strategy. We're sharing the best anti-aging tips for every age group, starting with the 20's. . .

On Links learn more about the Products we offer:

Whether you are 20 or 60, SPF 15 is a must use to delay the onset and ongoing signs of aging. But in your 20s, it's particularly important to develop good SPF habits. The easiest way is to create a daily habit of using an SPF moisturizer.

Start adding specialty products with loads of antioxidants. Vitamin C is imperative for skin health. There are a couple of ways that someone can ensure that they are getting lots of Vitamin C each day. Diet can be a great focus to ensure that vitamin C daily requirements are met. There are also supplements that can be taken daily. This can also be an ingredient that you look for in your skin care products.

Skincare doesn't start or end with your face. Be sure to pamper your neck, chest, your back, shoulders and the back of your hands. Some celebrity makeup artists say: consider that your face ends below your breasts. If you'd care for your face, be sure you never neglect your neck, chest, back, shoulders and all the way down to your toes. Best anti-aging body treatment. . . Skin Correction Body Treatment Creme from Adrien Arpel. Expect a visible improvement in the texture of your skin in a matter of days.

Ditch heavy foundation for a dewy glow. My best tip for youthful looking skin after 50 Underglow Enhanced NoMakeup Magic. It uses light diffusers to disguise fine lines and wrinkles and smooth the texture of skin. Behind the scenes, this little gem is packed with SYN®-HYCAN which is clinically proven to fight sagging skin by boosting the production of skin identical hyaluronan by a factor of four providing a remodeling effect on facial contours and the dreaded “double chin”. Do not face 50 + without this little miracle !!

Check Color Me University regularly for fascinating beauty tips and color tricks. . . that will keep you looking your absolute best!

This is another resource for you to learn what opportunities and promotions are upcoming within Color Me Beautiful, which includes for following Product Lines:

COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL is the only color cosmetics brand based on seasonal color analysis. Our special focus is on the needs of women over 40.

GALE HAYMAN has created a very special collection of advanced and highly effective treatment products guaranteed to show immediate results, as well as cumulative benefits over time.

FLORI ROBERTS presents the greatest skin care breakthrough ever. Enlighten is clinically proven to fade dark spots and reduce uneven skin tone 30% within 30 days.

ADRIEN ARPEL skin care and beauty products help you enjoy the art of looking great and feeling confident about yourself.

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