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HOLIDAY MAGIC - Just for you!



Regardless of your age or your sex, confidence is the most valuable gift that anyone can give. And understanding your perfect color palette is an incredible confidence booster.

Why is that?

Because color is magic, and everyone looks better in their perfect colors. In the right colors we look healthier, less tired and younger! Who doesn't need that? Even our teeth look whiter while our skin will appear more radiant.

Choose the palette will complement your gift recipient by taking the Color Quiz using their hair color, instead of your own.


Go Prime!

What sparkle is to walls, Velvet Foundation Primer is to your face. Applied on moisturized skin, it smoothes the texture of the skin, diminishes pores and makes your foundation glide on more evenly while helping to control redness. You'll be shocked at how much better your skin looks with one application, even in the same foundation.

Velvet Foundation Primer

Regular Price: $30.00 Your Price: $21.00 (after your 30% discount)

This is a great product, I love the way it makes my face feel SO Silky. It fills in my fine lines and lets me use way less product on my face.

Magic Wand

Eyeshadow Base is primer designed for the eye area. It extends wear, keeps color true and smoothes the skin. But it can do so much more. Used under the eyes it has two purposes. It prevents concealer from creasing and makes it last longer.

Used over pimples before foundation and concealer, it will ensure that spots are hidden until you take your makeup off. It can be used on fine lines around your mouth to prevent product from settling into lines.

And yes, it can be very helpful on your lips. Applied on well moisturized lips (check out Gale Hayman Lip Lift), sweep on a tiny bit of Eyeshadow Base before applying lip liner and lipstick to help prevent the color from bleeding or smudging and to help prolong its wear.

This little beauty is the Holy Grail of makeup magic.

Eyeshadow Base

Regular Price: $16.00 Your Price: $11.20 (after your 30% discount)

I personally LOVE this item. I use it the most as concealer as a touch up after I have put on my corrective concealer and foundation.

Brow Wow or Brow Fix

Brow Wow

You can't have great hair without a styling product. It stands to reason that a brow-styling product is essential for beautiful brows.

Brow Fix from Color Me Beautiful is that product. A clear gel, with a wand applicator, Brow Fix shapes and tames the eyebrows while it fixes them in place. It shapes the hairs of the brow, and brushes them up and out. It fixes them in place and prepares the skin for an application of Brush-On Brow Powder.

Makeup Magic Tip:

Seal your Brush-On Brow Powder with a second (finishing) swipe of Brow Fix -- for wear that lasts from morning to night.

Brow Fix

Regular Price: $15.00 Your Price: $10.50 (after your 30% discount)

Brush-On Brow Powder

Regular Price: $17.00 Your Price: $11.90 (after your 30% discount)

Add some Eyeshadow, Blush and/or Illuminance Power

to complete your Holiday Look!

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Please list MY NAME (Sharon Jensen) as your consultant at the end. I thank you for your business and hope that you have a blessed and amazing Holiday Season this year.


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