• Sharon Jensen

Why do "WE" spend $ on the latest fashion trends?

Maybe you saw a celebrity wearing the item?

Maybe you are trying to FIT IN or make new friends?

Maybe you purchased an item and didn't get the response you were expecting?

Has this happened to YOU?

My husband and I wanted to test drive a vehicle, so we went to a car dealership only to be told:

"We could only take the vehicle out for a test drive if we are serious and going to purchase it."

We looked around at the show room trying to identify why "others" were able to test drive a vehicle and we were not?

The sales person had no idea if we had money or not. He was totally going on "how we were dressed" and assumed we didn't have the money to afford the vehicle.

I agree this is not right, however it is how things ARE.

I challenge you to test this out.

The next time you are going to go somewhere that you want to get a positive outcome. Think about what you are going to WEAR and notice if you get complements.

If you don't receive any, then take a look at the outfit again.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Does it harmonize with your hair, eye and skin tones?

2. Is it figure flattering?

3. Is it a go to outfit and people have seen it multiple times?

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