• Sharon Jensen

Color is Magic - What's your Color?

Reese is gorgeous in everything she wears. But look at how emerald green washes her out.

The right green (teal - on the right) gives her a luminous, shadow-free appearance. She also looks healthier, well rested and younger.

When you are wearing the right makeup colors, your complexion looks luminous.

Gray shadows under your eyes and nose seem to evaporate.

You look more rested and healthy. Your makeup flatters your features and coloring, INSTEAD of competing with them.

You can achieve all of these benefits in your right colors.

How can perfect color choices possibly improve perfection?

Here we see the world renowned beauty, Angelina in two gorgeous dresses.

One, the same emerald green that washed Reese out is "eye-poppingly" gorgeous on Angie.

Know your season, you'll see results like this!

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