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Beauty Goals 2019

Make 2019......

Your Most Beautiful Year!

Forget spring cleaning. Make it a New Year's resolution to ensure that everything that touches your face is fresh. Toss out any expired beauty products (check out the guide below to cosmetic expiration dates). And: if you don’t remember when you bought it. . . toss it! Same goes if it has a funky smell or has changed color. It doesn’t matter how expensive it was. . . throw it in the trash.

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Wear foundation to protect as well as correct.

Morning Light Diffusing Foundation, not only gives natural, soft, creamy coverage with a hint of light diffusers to effectively disguise fine lines — its titanium-oxide rich formula provides a natural sun block. Love this formula for mature ladies!

Removing your makeup requires less effort than brushing your teeth, but it's just as important. No matter how tired you are, RESOLVE to properly cleanse your face before you go to sleep--every single night.

No excuses necessary because Proof Positive One Step (from Color Me Beautiful) makes proper cleansing easier than ever.

This dual purpose cleanser and toner whisks away dirt and makeup in a single swipe, leaving clean skin and a compound of beneficial ingredients. Vitamin C for collagen synthesis, Vitamin B5 for hydration and anti-aging effects, Vitamin E to scavenge free radicals and Vitamin A to boost production of collagen and hyaluronic acid while it exfoliates and clears pores.

You spend time and money choosing beauty products, but when it comes time to use your products, do you basically just slap them on with (eek) your fingers? Application methods are crucial to effectiveness.

Ensure that you're applying your skin care products in the correct order and that you're letting each one absorb properly into your skin before applying the next one.

And make sure you have at least one (more is better) blending sponge.

Ideal for silky smooth application of foundation, but also ideal for applying primer, cleanser, even moisturizer.

Moisturizer is great. But it will never be AS great if it can't penetrate to where the skin's rejuvenation process is happening.

Remove that build up of dead skin cells to ensure that your skin looks fresh and is able to deeply absorb beneficial ingredients.

Speaking about beneficial ingredients--let's talk HONEY. Revered for centuries for its natural healing properties, it is anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Add lots of real minced almonds in a creamy paste, and you have the ultimate exfoliator.

We're often so focused on our faces that we tend to neglect the skin on our bodies. You may think that soaping up with your body wash and loofah is sufficient, but that just strips your skin.

Try to show your body the same love as your face by using a true treatment for your body.

Skin Correction Body Treatment

is an AHA exfoliating body creme that delivers a full-body exfoliation without scrubbing or stripping natural oils.

Rich and creamy, it boosts the skin's natural exfoliation process while deeply hydrating. The results? Softer, smoother skin with a glow.

Finding a good spot to store your beauty products is about more than just organization or decorating. It's also about maintaining the products themselves.

FYI: Storing your products in an Instagram-worthy spot often isn't the optimal place for them.

Many cosmetics can deteriorate if they're exposed to light, humidity or extreme temperatures, so choose a location that will help preserve them and keep you organized.

It's great you want to try the latest beauty launches, but don't do it to the point where it negatively impacts your skin. Results are never instantaneous.

You might need to wait six weeks or more to notice any changes in your skin, so resolve to give new products time to work before moving on.

(The only exception is if you try something and it gives you an allergic or cosmetic reaction.)

You may already have this goal on your resolution list, but it's important from a beauty perspective too. 

Getting a full night of sleep doesn't just prevent raccoon eyes, it is also the time when your skin regenerates.

If you want to further improve your skin while you catch some zzz's, you can try an overnight beauty product.

Check Color Me University regularly for fascinating beauty tips and color tricks. . . that will keep you looking your absolute best!

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