Color Analysis 

- Identify what colors bring a healthy glow and brand your image.
- Never have your clothes wearing you, but make you look & feel confident.

Signia Body Analysis 

- Learn what clothing styles are best for your body shape.

- No need to lose weight, or trash your current wardrobe.

- Create a wardrobe that shows off your personality and meets   
     your lifestyle needs.

De-Clutter Your Closet

- We identify what is working, what is not in your existing closet.

- Create multiple outfits out of remaining clothes and create a shopping list
      of missing items.

Personal Shopping

- Have a special event, Wedding, Class Reunion, etc. 

- Our if you hate shopping and want to learn how to make it easier and productive.     

- Create new collection of pieces that add to exist capsule(s).

- Want to learn how to incorporate the latest trends into wardrobe.  

CREATE YOUR PERSONAL STYLE - Color Alliance & Signia Body

- Identify what you want your image to look like. 

- Build a wardrobe around that theme.

- Determine what clothing styles, patterns are best for your body shape.


- Go through your existing closet - Toss, Keep, Tailor, or Donate 

- Create capsules from remaining pieces in closet.                 

- Generate what is needed to complete your look.                       

                                      (Everything in Personal Style Package plus Organize Closet)

COMPLETE THE LOOK                                                                            

(Everything in Personal Style, Embrace Your Closet plus Personal Shopping)