Style Connection Course

Getting Started

Module 1 - Personality/Lifestyle

Module 2 - Face Shape

Module 3 - Body Shape

Module 4 - Color Alliance

Module 5 - Closet De-clutter

Module 6 - Wardrobe Capsules

Module 7 - Illusional Dressing

Module 8 - Personal Style Traits

Module 9 - Color/Pattern Match

Style Wardrobe is an interactive DO-IT-YOURSELF Online Course

for those who are interested in investing in themselves,

an create a wardrobe that incorporates your lifestyle & personality

As YOU go through these modules, you will begin discover the following things: 

- What side of your personality you want to introduce to the world

- Create a wardrobe that meets your lifestyle needs

- Your best necklines, eyewear, hats, hairstyle and accessory suggestions

- What clothing styles are best for you, the Rule of Thirds

- The ability to identify what clothes to keep and what to get rid of

- Build a wardrobe that build harmony and brings the attention to your face

- Learn how to incorporate Color into your wardrobe, stop only wear a few colors

- Bring the focus to positive body features and hide other body features

- Do you prefer a Classic, Romantic, Dramatic, Natural wardrobe style

- Complete the look by choosing skin care & makeup that give you a healthy and younger glow