Why I started Embrace Your Wardrobe

I had worked my way up the ladder into a mid-level management position. Residents or contractors would come into the office, with a concern or problem, and I may have to tell them that we are unable to resolve their concern. 

Early in my career while being the bearer of bad news, I often heard those dreaded words "can I speak to your manager". My manager would come out, say the "exact" same thing that I just said however, they  would get heard and understood.

As you can see from my photo on the right, I do not look like I have been employed at this organization since 1985.


I learned quickly that I needed to "dress the part" to obtain the respect and get heard. 


Back then, I wore only black and white.


People had no idea of who I was or my personality.


I was hiding from the world and wanted to blend into the crowd. 


My clothes were non-figure flattering and dull.


I didn't know how to put together an outfit or apply makeup to save myself.

If you can relate, I am here to say that YOU are not alone, I feel your pain & frustration with clothes.


Once I decided to up my game, I had my colors done - that ALL CHANGED.


Today, I have a closet filled with colors that truly express my personality and helps me to put forth a confident and profession image.


Residents and vendors can how hear my message and give me the respect of my mid-management position.

Helping you to be respected and heard in your field is WHY I started Embrace Your Wardrobe.